Juan Carlos Silva was born on December 15,1980 in Venezuela. Gifted with virtues, able to meet any goal, he funnels his passion and creativity into each picture creating a unique work of art. He is a dedicated, outgoing dreamer with family values. His personality allows him to easily socialize and connect with the people who surround him. He is lover of gourmet food, history books, and the color “vinotinto”.

Juan’s curiosity about photography and art began in his twenties when he worked at a local place restoring photos. He excelled at his work and his new found passion of photos lead him to study at the Art School Martín Tovar y Tovar, Estado Lara in Venezuela where he learned from professionals like Enio Cuello. While studying he also worked as a special event and wedding photographer and worked with several modeling agencies in the state. Juan earned degrees in both graphic design and Photography . He was 28 when he took up professional photography.

As Juan’s talent developed and matured, he realized his true passion was fashion photography and editorials. He has a special talent for creating scenes; his photography captivates people with his unique and lavish concepts while simultaneously capturing simplicity, elegance, power and beauty. He took his talent to the national level by working with editorials like Lara en Imágenes.

In 2013, Juan decided to pack his cameras and move to the United States of America. Since moving to the US, he has had the opportunity to work with well recognized models such as Gina Pacak, Victoria Winner and Maya Beatty. In 2015, he had the great opportunity to do a photoshoot for Migbelis Castellanos, the former Miss Venezuela, for her personal editorial.  Juan’s pictures of Migbelis became the most popular images in Venezuela that year. His pictures have been published in various magazines including Gladys, Inspiring Lives, Dark Beauty, Whirl – Australia , Pitts Magazine, and Urit Magazine. Currently, he is working in the Pittsburgh fashion world with his makeup artist, Jessica Lane. Juan sees everyday as an opportunity to develop his creativity and perfect his work.